Abstracts are now published!

Abstract submission has closed and abstracts has been selected. You download Too Much Medicine 2018 abstracts book by clicking the button above.

Participants with best abstracts will be offered a possibility for an oral presentation.

The purpose of the symposium is to increase general awareness on overdiagnosis and overtreatment. The symposium seeks to:

  • Identify important research questions on overdiagnosis and overtreatment
  • Help in promoting evidence-based and sustainable medical practices that foster the culture of avoiding medical excess
  • Promote interaction on sustainable healthcare between world-leading researchers, Finnish healthcare professionals and media
  • Provide the participants of the symposium with a chance to interact and learn from these experts

The main target groups of the symposium are practicing physicians, researchers and students of various fields, including medicine, psychology, journalism, social sciences, law, pharmacy, and enonomics, as well as health policymakers, officials, and journalists.

Abstracts are invited from all topics related to these themes. The abstract may be on research or on policy. Examples of abstract themes:

  • Overdiagnosis and medicalization
    • Causes, impact, prevention and more
  • Unnecessary treatments
    • Examples, causes and drivers
    • Costs and affordability of technology
  • Waste in medical research
    • Bias in the evidence and its dissemination (publication bias)
    • Role of journals, funders or regulators
  • Promotion of evidence-based practice
    • Commercial, political, and other influences driving for or against overdiagnosing and overtreatment
    • Role of media
  • Science communication
    • Outreach projects and engaging with lay people and health professionals
  • Social and ethical dimensions
    • Patients’ role
    • Fear and uncertainty
    • Juridical issues
  • Other

For general enquiries and enquiries regarding the programme, please contact:

[email protected]