Lisa Cosgrove

Lisa Cosgrove

Professor of Counseling and School Psychology

Lisa Cosgrove, PhD is a Clinical Psychologist and Professor at the University of Massachusetts, Boston where she teaches courses on psychiatric diagnosis and psychopharmacology. A former Research Fellow at the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard University (2010-2015), her research addresses the ethical and medical-legal issues that arise in organized psychiatry because of academic-industry relationships. Lisa has published articles, book chapters, and has co-edited casebooks on these topics and her research has received significant attention by the national and international media. She is co-author, with Robert Whitaker, of Psychiatry under the Influence: Institutional Corruption, Social Injury, and Prescriptions for Reform. She received a 2015 Distinguished Publication Award, given by the Association for Women in Psychology, for her paper (with Emily Wheeler), “Industry’s colonization of psychiatry.” Lisa was the PI for an RO3 NIH grant, “A cross-sectional study of clinical practice guidelines for depression: Is guideline quality associated with independence from industry?” She is co-chair of the task force on Depression Outcome Measures, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Recent Selected publications

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