Too Much Medicine: Best Abstracts

The Too Much Medicine committee is excited to announce that all our abstracts have been published on our home page.

We’re also pleased to introduce you to our three Best Abstracts, who will be presenting their abstracts orally on Thursday August 16, in the morning session beginning at 9 am.

The Best Abstracts are:

Adrian Traeger: “No benefit of additional care for ‘high risk’ patients with acute low backpain: The PREVENT randomized, placebo-controlled trial.”

Stephanie Mathieson: “Increasing prescription of opioid analgesics and neuropathic pain medicines for spinal pain in Australia.”

Eddy Lang: “Decision support and knowledge translation tools to highlight the benefits and downstream harms of screening: Resources from the Canadian Task Force for Preventive Healthcare.”

We hope to see you there! Spots are still open for registration. Register today!